Underground Confidence

Are you a comfort eater, emotional eater, or binge eater? How to recognise it

October 16, 2020 Shelley Treacher Season 1 Episode 1
Underground Confidence
Are you a comfort eater, emotional eater, or binge eater? How to recognise it
Show Notes

In this introductory episode I help you to understand why it's so hard to stop yourself overeating and binge-eating, and explain how you can recognise what's behind your eating.

This podcast is for you if you're sick of:

  • diets
  • being told you need to lose weight by Doctors and well-meaning relatives 
  • not being able to stop overeating

Here,  I really talk about the side of overeating that people don’t usually talk about: the emotional and psychological side. 

In today's episode:

  • The real reasons why you can’t stop overeating
  •  Support for your journey to stopping binge-eating altogether 
  • Start to understand what’s going on for you
  • Find a place of knowledge and self-compassion
  • Learn new skills

A place of self-hatred is a poor place to give up comfort eating. But from a place of genuine self-respect, it is possible to choose to stop.  That's what I talk about here.

Start your journey to recovery with me, in this podcast, today.

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