Underground Confidence

Blame. Binge. Shame. Repeat - The self critic behind the binge eater

November 03, 2020 Shelley Treacher Anxiety, Overeating & Loneliness Season 1 Episode 2
Underground Confidence
Blame. Binge. Shame. Repeat - The self critic behind the binge eater
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In this episode I continue to explain what makes it difficult to stop eating. Behind many binge urges there is often a self critic. Here, I'll start to help you recognise, and address yours.

In today's episode:

  • 10  steps, or ways, to start thinking about your eating, and how to manage it, differently.
  • Understand more about the compulsion to eat, and what's behind it.
  • Recognise the  self-critic behind your eating.
  • Explore ways to address the urge to eat.
  • Learn how to begin to develop self-confidence

From a place of genuine self-respect, it is possible to choose to stop eating, naturally.  Here,  I go into more detail about self-criticism and self-confidence.

Continue your journey to recovery with me, in this podcast.

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Introduction to self criticism and binge eating
1. The Habit of binge and overeating
2. Why stop overeating?
3. Self criticism
4. The inner child
5. Feelings
6. The Past
7. Self-Nurture
8. Self-Challenge
9. Understand the binge urge
10. Self-Soothing